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High Load Moves

If you are moving a high load that is over 4.8 meters you are required to complete a High Load Request Form. When a request for a high load is received, you will either be cleared to move the load yourself or you will need an escort for the load to have the lines lifted and dropped along the way.

Tomahawk Rural Electrification Association requires a minimum of 7 working days to process a high load move request.

Winter months are a more favorable time to move large loads as the power lines tend to sag in the warm months which reduces the clearance limits.

Power Line Clearance

Everyone must be aware of the electrical hazards associated with overhead and underground power lines.

Power systems are designed and constructed using vertical and horizontal clearances that allow for public and worker safety. If you are not sure, stay at least 10 meters away from the power line. Please contact the office for assistance in determining the safe distance to a specific power line.

​Working Near Overheard Power Lines

The danger of overhead power lines is that there is no protection on the wire. Electricity is looking for a path to ground, so if you contact an overhead wire - you, or the equipment you're operating, can be its path to ground.

Before you begin, make a plan!

No worker or equipment should be closer than 10 feet to power lines unless they are trained.

Know what kind of lines you’re dealing with. Most times workers do not expect to get that close. If you are working in any proximity to energized power lines, tell other workers in the area and use a spotter….someone who is there just to ensure you don’t cross the safe zone. Never, under any circumstances trust or assume that a line is dead. Obviously never touch a line. If a worker or equipment does make contact, do not touch them. Electricity conducts through people. You will only end up being electrocuted as well. Instead get help!

Power Troubles Call Battle River Power Coop 24/7  1.877.428.3972