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Tomahawk REA Current Matters

The Tomahawk REA Annual General Meeting was held on April 20, 2017. There were three director positions up for election for three- year terms each. The successful candidates are:

  1. Sherry Buttrey
  2. Cindy Iverson
  3. Ed Machuk

 In addition, Clint Schwalbe position as Chairman was replace by Cheryl Thomas. 


For a copy of the AGM report, click : Tomahawk REA 2017 Annual General Meeting Report

Highlights of the Annual General Meeting

Chairman Clint Schwalbe announced, that based on the positive financial position of the Tomahawk REA, the distribution tariff would decrease by 5% across the board for the coming year.

Vice-chair Wayne Tourneur confirmed on April 13th, Minister of Agriculture Oneil Carlier, had communicated with the Board regarding the status of the MNP Report, stating, “As a result, I have directed the Director of Rural Electrification Associations to update his report.  The information available in the Director’s report and your submissions are contradictory and I require the Director to update his report in an effort to reconcile the variances.”

Auditor Rob Feddema reported that Tomahawk REA was in a very sound financial position including a very healthy deposit reserve of $1.8 M. Feddema & Company were confirmed as the auditor of record for the following year.

Under New Business, a non-binding motion was put forward to request an offer of sale for the Tomahawk REA and was carried 79 in favor/72 opposed.