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Contract Information

Why do I need to sign a contract with the Tomahawk REA?

While you may be receiving services from the Tomahawk REA, to be considered a member of the REA you must sign a contract which is then approved and validated by the REA. The Standard By-laws that Tomahawk REA is subject to includes the following membership criterion:

Upon the approval of the REA Board, a person may become a member of the association if that person:

  • owns or has an interest in land and is 16 years of age or older (This means a potential member must demonstrate that their name (s) are on a land title or are in possession of legal documentation that confirms their ‘interest in land’ in some other official format).
  • enters into a contract with the association for the provision of utility service to that land (A contract is defined as a legal, agreement between two entities with provisions for both parties to confirm their acceptance – in the case of the Tomahawk REA that necessitates a signature from the member and from the Board as well as the Tomahawk REA seal to validate the contract.)
  • pays the membership fee. (This is a one-time fee paid for the initial membership.)

In the event that two or more persons meet the membership criteria on a single or multiple services, the following applies.

  • If more than one person on a single service meets the membership criteria, the rights of a member to receive notices, to attend meetings, be elected as a Director, to vote, etc. is vested in only one of those persons and the Tomahawk REA should be notified as to who has the rights as the designated member. That person becomes the key contact for all communications.
  • If a person owns one service or several services and the contract or contracts include a single name, there is one vote allocated to the total services.
  • If two persons own land with two services and each one of them have signed the contracts, or each of them has signed one of the contracts, then both persons are entitled to vote ~ one vote per service.

It is important for the Tomahawk REA to have signed contracts with its members and it is
 important for you to ensure your contracts contain the correct information and are signed by the appropriate individual (s) and returned for the REA files.

How do I get a contract with Tomahawk REA or ensure my contract is current?

Please contact the Tomahawk REA Administration office at office.trea@gmail.com or call 780.514.8732

  • you are unsure about the status of your Tomahawk REA contract;
  • you have misplaced your REA contract and would like another copy;
  • you have not signed and returned your Tomahawk REA contract; or
  • you require a replacement contract because of changes to the land title, etc.


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