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Billing - for those with EQUS

If your service provider is EQUS and uyou would prefer to receive your monthly billing electronically EQUS can accommodate that request. Please contact EQUS Member Service Administrator, Darlene Thompson at 1-888-211-4011 or dthompson@equs.ca.  She will facilitate that request for you.

Budget Billing
If you are interested in setting up a monthly budget billing and have lived at the applicable service address for a minimum of 12 months, EQUS will extend their Budget Billing Program to Tomahawk REA members. This program averages your utility costs, based on the billing history at the service address, over a 12-month period so that you are invoiced an equal amount each month. Once per year, in December, you will receive a “settle-up” bill in which your actual charges are compared to your payments. If you’ve paid more than your actual costs, your account will be credited. If you’ve paid less, that balance will be added to the payment amount due on your “settle-up” bill.

If you are interested in being placed on the Budget Billing Program or need more information, please contact your Member Service Administrator, Darlene Thompson (1-888-211-4011) for details.


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