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AGM Advertisement

This advertisement will be published in the Stony Plain Reporter on March 30, 2018 and April 6, 2018 as well as in the Western Review on April 3, 10 & 17

Attendance at the AGM and participation in the meeting, including nominations and voting is for members only

The Tomahawk REA has a number of landowners within its area who are not yet registered members. In order for any of these landowners to become official members the Tomahawk REA Electric Service Contract must be completed prior to the AGM.

A blank contract has been provided with the most recent Newsletter (mailed on 22 FEB 2018) for all landowners without contracts. Alternatively, you may open it here and follow the instructions below.

Complete this form by ensuring the names on the contract are the same as the names on your title certificate and all signatures are in place and witnessed. Proof of land ownership is required. If you have a copy of your title certificate and/or most recent county tax assessment be sure to include it with your contract to avoid delays in processing your membership.

Mail to: Tomahawk REA, PO Box 10030, RPO BLACK GOLD, Drayton Valley, AB  T7A 1W5

Drop off: 6226 50th Avenue, Drayton Valley, AB
(Intercon Messaging building) slide under Tomahawk door if closed

Scan and email to:


Check back soon for....

2018 Annual General Meeting - April 17


Following the AGM

Legal Addresses with no registered members

Invited guests

Call for Volunteers


​AGM Package

The election results


​Highlights of the 2018 Tomahawk REA AGM


If you are unsure or need to clarify, please have your legal land description handy and check the lists below to see if you need to complete your membership contract.